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An ephemeral instance where everything is forgotten in a year.
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  • This is c1t7's home. They are letting you in. Do not make them regret allowing you in.
  • c1t7 doesn't have the mental bandwidth for drama and will stop it the only way they can: Banishment.
  • If you need a basic list, cause you like to fiddle with the rules, start with this one: No white supremacists, nationalists, nazis, jerks, trolls, drama llamas, etc.
  • If you get joy from other's pain, you are not wanted here
  • Check the HR manual for your place of employment. Those rules are a good place to start.
  • We are white listed with Awoo.space - we try to follow their rules
  • c1t7 knows a lot of instance admins they trust: reports from them carry extra weight.
  • Kindergarten rules are best. Be nice, share your toys, and don't fight.
  • [If you need these explained you don't need to join]

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In Memory of

'A woman is not dead as long as her name is spoken.'

GNU Natalie Nguyen, aka Tipsy Tentacle, aka @tipsytentacle

"Orbiting is basically eternally falling towards an object. And that perfectly explains me when I'm around you."
Natalie Nguyen, @tipsytentacle, ?–3 November, 2017.

"i won't ever forget you
every little thing
you'll always be with me"

"You loved trains, openttd, and shitposting about conspiracy theories.
I miss you" -- c1t7

"Watching conspiracy vids with you was so fun.
I hope you spooky haunt me in a blurry photograph and reveal the truth about aliens on the moon.
I miss you already." - Shel

"I miss you so much and I know I'm not the only one.
You were strong, you were kind, you were loved.
You were more important than you knew.
I wish we could have met face-to-face even just once and taken those selfies we talked about.
I'll never forget you." --witchfynder

"It was the happiest accident in how I got to know Natalie.
I was mistaken for her as I'm Asian, trans/nonbinary, have the same blue hair colour, and love trains too.
I didn't know her for too long but in the time I did she left a major impression onto me and I'll never be able to forget her." - llzes