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backing up nexus 5x before starting to install plasma mobile

interesting end to the day

my local boss told me
my remotes boss (signs timesheet)
was visited by the spirit of 2 upper management types from the mothership
now he's not there

no wonder the normal process emails weren't flowing

when ever i see the red and blue flashing lights i remember this

and smile

lmao @ all my political opponents for thinking that bringing up the number of deep sea divers I’ve fed to the eternal abyss is a SMEAR campaign. Thanks for the free publicity, dipshits

*mastodon user voice* hey comrade. i care about you. i know it’s tough out here, like soul-destroying awful every day, but i know you’re strong and i know that together we’ve got the strength to make it. good luck in all your endeavors ❤️✊️

great idea

start a company called

Loki Security

motto: no tricks, honest

email server configured for new domain

and professional looking email address

I went with one I could use as a business account for random future world facing business

PinePhone is coming. $150USD projected price

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby will no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases, saying it "disproportionately impacts communities of color" and is "a costly and counterproductive use of limited resources."

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