office suite who will never let you forget
that one time
they had a Kickstarter
and everyone cheered

if the man upstairs had a hammer
he'd hammer in the morning
he'd hammer in the evening
he'd hammer all the damn time
(he'd even hammer during this song)

I'd like to fingers of vodka in a wide glass

is this wide enough?

no, use that really wide one over there

that's a serving tray

don't care what it's called, get pouring


bartender, give me not having 2 appetizers and soup in a tall glass

this unpatched zero day will compromise your entire IT infrastructure Show more

i guess they have the cash to look
to other places for the thing
they don't have
where they are

mr. subtooter
give me a hint
is this one about me?
or a reference to `wint`?

palpatine was a hard light hologram
of an alternate timelines
failed doctor's regeneration

bring me a hint
find me a toot
look through your feed
and bring me the perfect subtoot
(and make sure it's not mean)

mac and cheese + tacos
(look again)
oh macOS
(macos sounds so much better)

imagine my surprise
when i found out
John Wayne Gacy
wasn't a rapper
coming straight outta

take off headset
go get coffee
wow people are chatty today
(oh good)
(no one tried to chat with me)
and having meetings everywhere
back to desk
headphones on
(what a quiet day)

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