we all have that one thing we should have ran with

and made all the money

but alas it isn't so

pocket lobsters
the lobster that can go anywhere
impress your friends
threaten your enemies
pocket lobsters
where ever you want to be
there can be a pocket lobster

(pocket lobster is a ™️ of pocket scorpion distributing)

Right to repair proposal in Canada: motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

A line near the end bothers me: "This likely will make pushing a bill through difficult, especially with a conservative government in power"—I'd be happier if this was the usual "conservatives prefer to support the tyranny of big business" but really it's a reflection of our politics. Conservatives automatically preferentially vote against liberal proposals and vice versa. Even if they want the legislation enacted—they'll do their best to kill it, then reintroduce it when they have the support. It's disgusting.

thoughts after listening to the video a few times Show more

detroit is complicated (sorry for long) Show more

detroit is complicated (sorry for long) Show more

design engineer system tanked during repartition

oh this gets better

things are good
i have people here who depend me
and one does not often find work
where you matter

@bobby_newmark @djsundog

i think i agree

i wouldn't fit well with that lobby either

especially with all the broken glass
and gas


learning to do that is hard
especially coming from a culture of

you need a job

but i don't need one
i just want a different one

and that changes the rules

(i really should have walked out of one where i went to in Detroit where the place felt *too white*)

(we were in the Detroit metro and the only minority i saw was the South East Asian database engineer -- singular)

(and i think they mentioned ping pong and fitness center)


maybe i should just roll up to potential employers

walk into their lobby

and decide on whether or not i even apply by the level of attitude in the lobby

didn't get the job
that kool
(no really kool)
( they had shiny office)
(with f ing see how big we are)
(mock big city lobby)
<lobby was more mad men era big city>
<not now big city>
{like there was no brightly painted walls}
{no Ikea style art on walls}
[didn't even have exposed duct work]

*when you realize you are more*
*Joe's garage*
*and less*
*[my glasses are like Google glass*
*but no onboard systems*
*and for seeing]*
*you know where you don't belong*

don't cry for me
dance with me


it feels like a privilege to even have a chance to move more than an hour from your home for work


i moved states twice in 4 years

without relatives in one state, one move would have been impossible.

also, without one of us having a remote position and a corporate office within 1 hour drive on each end it wouldn't have happened either -- remote workers often have geographical restrictions based on access to emergency tech support

watching avengers infinity war
Bucky gets his arm back

turn to G

oh great, another character with a winter soldier arm

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