fool! floating with major tom

thinking about creating an anti-virus olympics ™️

a windows 10 home machine

an antivirus

an array of viruses..s...virusi...that's it virusi

an array of virusi from "weakest to omg da vres pwn'd my machine"

which ever stops the most

is seen as more than adequate

@c1t7 you jest, but we need to start doing actual research into the effectiveness of AV software. Because my feel is that it's really damn low. And with security issues AV software creates by itself, I am not sure it's worth it...


it was not a joke even though I presented it as one.

i really want to know what works and what is crap

as i prove at work all the time

i don't trust anyone...not even myself

especially myself

@c1t7 @rysiek

virus haxor: hey user, run this code. just click ok when it prompts you UAC.
user: *runs random .exe*
antivirus: *shrugs* Looks good to me.

@c1t7 Could you do something like this with VirusTotal?

@c1t7 first rule of virus club is you don't *picks up bat* talk about virus club

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