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That Fool! c1t7

we wanted a culture,
but we needed a community

The school shooting problem in the USA can be easily reduced by closing down schools.

Morning folks. Yeah I know. It doesn’t feel like a real week to me either.

Let’s just knock it out and get back to chilling.

3rd day of rain and above freezing (happy)

thanks to the wet weather, no one is using the ice machine at work so i can score ice all day long


Set aside time for a hobby. Gardening, drone building, knitting, do something for the pure pleasure of it.

my blue glowing terror rectangles have been subverted to show me little green folk enjoying a space program

in the near future counterfeiters will be releasing bootleg electronics products weeks before the legitimate item is available to the public and the counterfeit will be good enough to not garner any complaints from purchasers. this speaks equally to the quality of the counterfeiters and the quality of the originals.

Renaissance painters as furry artists

Michelangelo: Exclusively draws plantigrade beefcake. Does exactly two commissions a year and the same guy gets three of them somehow

Da Vinci: Commission backlog a mile long, half of them labeled as in-progress. Gamedev side-project that never goes anywhere. Gets banned from Furaffinity

Albrecht Durer: Draws mind-blowing pro-quality illustrations but only posts them to Tumblr and buries them in a million meme shitposts

I'm going to start a restaurant where the waiters wear mummers' masks and do not speak. The dining experience will be horrible.

anyone know where $UI-BASE-COLOR is defined in Mastodon?

current theory is his story is in 1992


how old was Hiro Protagonist?

stress has been high this week

just enjoying watching y'all have fun

Yay #hackers:

A Hacker Has Wiped a Spyware Company’s Servers -

Shoutout to mastodon in the article! Honestly applaud this, there's no reason you should be able to see everything someone does on a phone without their consent

OK I've added the $7000 stretch goal. Production sources and I didn't expect this to happen quite so quickly so we're working on the rest, but I'm hoping to add something at $8000 and another at $10000. =o

moved stuff down from the attic over the weekend

now making a run before work to the storage locker to drop off the first of many loads of mementos and project equipment

pre staging makes everything work better