I'm at the point where I can't tell whether I want to be a H4X0r or a H3X3r

The world3 model from limits to growth is available online! I was looking for this. (this isn't my work, I just cloned it to fix some typos and change the font)
#systems #climatechange


I wonder how much of the perceived bitterness and cynicism of older people is simply cognizance and rejection of the consumption-focused narrative capitalist ideology has shoved down their throats their entire lives.

It's not just ads, it's everything. Every TV show, every movie, every news story, every politician, our friends and family, our workplaces, our communities. Our entire culture is founded on the need to buy new things all the time to be happy and have value as people.

How can ANYONE be happy?

breaking out of shell with a text editor is my new jam

remember... always remember that you are not alone.

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running 10 copies of the same bash set to non-overlapping ranges is parallel processing?


The Disneyland park (at 85 acres) fits within the parking lot for Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom (at 90 acres).

(This is not a commentary on anything except the relative sizes of the parks. It's interesting trivia to me, that's all.)

Aphex Twin’s Massive Catalog, Including Rare Unreleased Tracks, Is Now Free to Stream Online openculture.com/?p=1056649 t.co/8ZOMEIL3l6

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Reminder: Some things that look like ideas are actually not propositions to be considered, but rather they are just hate and need to be worked against through other means than argumentation

i love getting baby's attention (making faces, getting them to follow my fingers, getting them to smile)

and when their parents look in my direction

pretending to check the price of whatever is on the shelf next to me

finished dragon pilot

that was odd but enduring

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