emergency point to deskside via service desk cause....

.... affected end-user had 24000 emails clogging up their inbox

calling to instruct affect end-user in the proper operation of delete key and mail filters 🤦🏾‍♂️

looks like my local timeline is working off quantum processes

it might or might not exist based on observation

the key is watching long enough for the state to resolve into the state they observer finds acceptable

looks like i have to figure out why the local timeline isn't updating....

not that it gets used around here much

join my merry band of buccaneers
become the terror of the gulf
of Albuquerque
New Mexico
for the winter season


admin of my instance didn't even warn anyone they were upgrading

upgrade failed for reasons (not good ones)

and the whole place jumped back in time an hour


feeling down
no energy
you need a supplement
a supplement for your ears
i advise
taking 3 doses
of Hammond B3
every day
to put the spring back in your step

Hammond B3
take only as directed
by a recognized
band leader

Hammond B3
vitamins for your ears

Grandpa? were you in the cupcake war?

(looking into the deep distance) i was...

what did you do?

(shakes his head slowly) ...i...i was...i was a baker...

(an awkward silence fades into silence)

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