current game of Kerbal is set to require a n initial r&d cash purchase to unlock parts

the result is

i only buy parts i need
and i guess i only need 1.25 meter parts (or smaller)

landed safely
first time landing on eve
(first time after 4 years of play)

why did they call it a cube sat?

cause Dr Cube invented them, silly

ground control

i need more of those little foil packets of peanuts


where have i been? Show more

you know
back in the day
it wasn't acceptable for shitty people
to act shitty

unless they were your boss
which never changes

what makes it someone else's fault
when shitty people
are told they are shitty
and they aren't your boss?

G and i watched all the Deadpool this weekend

she laughed
it was fun

not bad for a love story
and a
family film
(true. Deadpool even tells you that)

format format format format
format format format format
format format format format
format format format format
indent indent

long cause of formatting (read it and feel the format in your soul) Show more



A 🔟 isn't enough for this floor routine by 🔥

tore out a room of carpeting on the second floor

hardwood floor revealed

that they paints a two foot border around

and never had the floors stained or sealed

so there is that

@c1t7 first rule of virus club is you don't *picks up bat* talk about virus club

thinking about creating an anti-virus olympics ™️

a windows 10 home machine

an antivirus

an array of viruses..s...virusi...that's it virusi

an array of virusi from "weakest to omg da vres pwn'd my machine"

which ever stops the most

is seen as more than adequate

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