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listening to a tribe called red and making last run to get stuff - only 140km this time

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So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned lately, but my daughter is building a spaceship. She’s an electrical engineer testing & installing components on the Orion crew module for the LM-1 mission. She’s pretty goddam amazing & I’m perpetually stunned that I raised an actual rocket scientist that works at NASA’s Canaveral facility. It’s like a dream. I put her through college by printing t-shirts with a fury. We’re kind of a team that way. 🙂

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the jort islands
always showing the love for the down trodden twitter celebs

(is there anything left to kick?)

upper left corner...
you are accepted here

i really like the use of positive (+), negative (-), and neutral (~) in the CW as i find it to be much more helpful and pretty specific even for only symbols

for example, talking about mental health could be
-talking about triggering stuff
-talking abut progress
-talking about something you've learned about yourself

and any of those could trigger people, depending on the exact content. so using + - or ~ in your CW is really good for a variety of topics and i appreciate it.

keep it going

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@ajroach42 @coryw @bhtooefr @djsundog @ewankeep no no no, we have it all wrong! It's a do-gooder stealing to redistribute to the poor! A modern day Robin Hood... A Ramen Hood, if you will

Welcome to my "So you've been banned from twitter because of a joke post making fun of Nazis and/or TERFs, and have decided to come here and are surprised at all the furries" lecture.

Tell all your friends. I'm teaching a free, trans-centered, programming class in NYC in a few days. with and

#FreeRadical FAQ:

We’re neither set up, nor willing, to receive donations. There are many fine instances that depend on financial contributions, but this is not one. If you’d like to support Free Radical, please:

- Donate to another instance
- Use something in a way its creators never intended
- Help a friend install something cool
- Tell us what you’re listening to (mark it with the #nowplaying tag)
- Buy coffee for a stranger
- Slip $5 to a hungry person

These make the world more fun.

Hello Fediverse!

Do we have any other #Minecraft fans on Fosstodon? It's my guilty pleasure; I find it a great way to relax after a stressful day at work.

Anyway, I'm thinking about creating a small server, anyone interested? If so, I'll spin a telegram group or something.

RT Now this is a unique way to phish.

to the new folks wondering "yes but will it take off?" re: mastodon as they do every time jack shoots himself in the foot and an influx happens

honestly i came here initially a few months after its inception and i feel far more at ease with myself as the fediverse has grown and i've met some pretty neat folks i wouldn't have otherwise

peep your fed/local timelines, explore different instances, don't think about building a "brand" or any of that kinda bullshit

Well we're halfway through the month, so time to listen to an instrumental funk band Mike's brought me! Spoiler alert: They're delightful!…/…/7/21/ep

Time for new #introductions!

I'm Jordi. #Mexican expat living in #Montreal, #Canada. I can say expat instead of immigrant 'cause I've had a super-sheltered and comfortable life. Nothing dreadful has ever happened to me.

I like #mathematics, #knitting, #skating, #swimming, and old #gameing because I'm old (not that old).

I also do software stuff because of course.

I work on #GreenhouseGas assessments and #environmental #mapping, which I want to call #ecological cause we need that word again!

New folks so...


Hi all! I'm a game developer, a musician, a dad, and a slightly out of touch nerd.

In the day I work at Schell Games. If you have kids, they've probably seen some of my work & they don't know it. You might have too.

At night I make my own games & weird electronic music.

I love everyone I meet but I'm usually too nervous to talk to them. I'll hide if I see you in person, but I'll be hoping you talk to me. :)



This is Mastodon! And welcome to you, who have come to Mastodon. Anything ... is possible ... at Mastodon. You can do ... anything at Mastodon. The infinite is possible at Mastodon. The unattainable is unknown at Mastodon. Welcome to Mastodon. This ... is Mastodon.

haul stuff across multiple states
multiple times
you too
will start seeing attachment as a problem