pocket lobsters
the lobster that can go anywhere
impress your friends
threaten your enemies
pocket lobsters
where ever you want to be
there can be a pocket lobster

(pocket lobster is a ™️ of pocket scorpion distributing)

Right to repair proposal in Canada: motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

A line near the end bothers me: "This likely will make pushing a bill through difficult, especially with a conservative government in power"—I'd be happier if this was the usual "conservatives prefer to support the tyranny of big business" but really it's a reflection of our politics. Conservatives automatically preferentially vote against liberal proposals and vice versa. Even if they want the legislation enacted—they'll do their best to kill it, then reintroduce it when they have the support. It's disgusting.

design engineer system tanked during repartition

oh this gets better

things are good
i have people here who depend me
and one does not often find work
where you matter

didn't get the job
that kool
(no really kool)
( they had shiny office)
(with f ing see how big we are)
(mock big city lobby)
<lobby was more mad men era big city>
<not now big city>
{like there was no brightly painted walls}
{no Ikea style art on walls}
[didn't even have exposed duct work]

*when you realize you are more*
*Joe's garage*
*and less*
*[my glasses are like Google glass*
*but no onboard systems*
*and for seeing]*
*you know where you don't belong*

don't cry for me
dance with me

watching avengers infinity war
Bucky gets his arm back

turn to G

oh great, another character with a winter soldier arm

Awoo! Kind hearted dam workers in #Estonia fished out a "young pupper" from a freezing river and took it to the local vets, where it was discovered they had in fact rescued a /wolf/ 🐺

(the vets still treated the animal which wasn't aggressive, and after recovering was succesfully released back into the wild with a tracking collar)


gotta love how the more important the thing is

the more they make the person without agency responsible

and i lost access to a necessary tool

cause the person who approves it didn't do their job

assuming I'll be blamed
cause there's a sentence near the end
that says

you might wanna contact the approver

(which absolves them of any responsibility)

when you can't access a tool
and your site lead says

have them call the service desk

and you get thing done
return to them
and discover the issue was with
not having the num lock down

and wondering how long it would take our service desk to determine the issue was between keyboard and chair

(not insulting)
(just nothing it was operator error)

(our service desk has issues with quality)

need to recreate what has yet to be created

(cause stupid system timed out)

made these beautiful instructions for how to reset the brute force counter in the tpm so the rightful user can log in without getting the

we won't accept this pin

cause you failed too many times in the past

the browser timed out

i lost everything after an hour of work

changing the version number of the instance to match the number of the beat

can you hear the beat coming?

boom boom ta boom ta boom ta ta

can you feel it?


oh you will
let me turn this to 11

double on a tundra
hold the gerkin
add an egg

side of fries

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